Why Use Velway?

Connects you to the
nearest mechanics
Mechanics available
on a click 24x7.
Get roadside
Wide range of mechanics that can repair almost every vehicle.
User ratings to choose the best mechanics and service stations.

Refer & Earn

  • Be a true friend, refer Velway to all your friends and contacts for regular maintenance of their vehicles and an assurance for unexpected situations.
  • Gain Velway points which can be used to pay the mechanics you contact through Velway.
  • Earn goodwill when your friends use Velway services and thank you for it.

Velway Services

  • Maintenance and emergency services for all 2 wheelers which includes gear and non-gear.
  • Workshop and emergency services for all cars which include commercial, luxury, hatchback, sedan etc,
  • Towing and repair services for all vehicles which includes trucks, buses, tractors & earth movers.etc,
  • Tyre servicing of almost every vehicle.

How does it work?

Velway is easy to use when you need its service. Follow the below simple steps.
Login Velway app when you need the service.
Velway will search for mechanic using your Google maps location.
Select a mechanic as per the availability or the rating.
Get the mechanic’s contact details on your phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you need a mechanic, you just have to enter your location on Google maps. We search the database and provide you with few numbers of mechanics active in that area. You call them as per their ratings, availability and charges.
Velway plays no role in service charges of mechanics. When you call a mechanics, he charges you according to his rate and the issues/defects of your vehicle.
When a mechanic registers with us, we take his official documents for validating his identity and expertise. Our aim is to establish a high level of trust and goodwill where customers can call up any mechanic through Velway without any hitch.
We have plans of establishing it all over India. Currently our services are available in Mumbai and Pune.
This may happen in few cases where the problem turns out to be bigger than he had expected. Usually the mechanics will be able to tell the right charges when the issue is explained to them clearly over the phone.
Usually all the payments are made in cash. Sometimes a mechanic may accept part payment in Velway points.
We have a huge database of mechanics which are experts in servicing every 2 wheeler, luxury cars, sedans, hatchbacks and even heavy vehicles like trucks and buses.
Velway database includes towing services which provide roadside assistance even to heavy vehicles.
You have to only pay the mechanic for his services absolutely nothing to Velway. We strongly suggest you to rate the mechanic on Velway so that it guides future customers.
In such a case you should send all the details to Velway Customer Service Team. We will look into the matter. We will also block the mechanic from giving further services.

Get the App

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  • Fill in some details and be assured to get the best services from Velway.